I haven’t been knocked out by a song for some time now, but look who’s back…

Young Guns and their newest single “I Want Out”. Epic song and probably an epic new album!

This week’s vibe!

I will make a day where I will put up the vibe of the week. So, now it’s time for Bear Hands and “Agora”. 

Happy St. Patrick’s everyone! :D

Trying out the coffee fortune telling… guess this doesn’t fits me..

Obsessed with this song, with this video, with Editors.

”Sugar”, their brand new single.

Sometimes I wonna shoot my brain, or me… 

Sometimes I wonna shoot my brain, or me… 

Floor-less (de profundis)

the Koniac Net — Abiogenesis


When I was making “Feel The Vibe" radio show at Just Another Radio, I had the pleasure to meet the man behind this project - David Abraham. By then, his band, the Koniac Net, already released the debut album. This debut album still is one of the best debuts I’ve ever had the pleasure to hear. 

Now they are back with a new E.P. called Abiogenesis. The second track from this E.P. is attached to this post and I highly recommend you to check them on Facebook and from there to check their music on iTunes or SoundCloud to make a clearer idea of what I’m talking here.

At the end of this week I will put the online the show with the interview I’ve made with David where I played Bricks. Probably the best show I’ve ever made on the radio. 

Thank you guys and keep up the good work!