So, ladies and gents, this summer my radio show is back on track. I just talked at Just Another Radio and the preparations began for a fresh start from July. I’m so ready to do this and very enthusiastic. Follow me on Twitter, Spreaker or Mixcloud to hear the shows and stay up-to-date with what’s happening behind the scenes.

Notice for up-and-coming artists and new artists: singing? or in a band? DJ? Oh, if you’re one of those, please contact me at adispune [at] or justanotherradio[at] and you won’t regret it. You’ll make yourself heard at an internet indie radio station in a show. So, send an e-mail with the title “Name of the band + Feel The Vibe” with a brief info about you and about the song you’re sending. I’ll contact you in the shortest time to inform you at what time in what day your song will be played. 

That’s all folks see you in the summer at JUST ANOTHER RADIO, over and out!